Second largest Super Tuesday won by Ludovic Geilich

What happens at the PokerStars Super Tuesday doesn’t stay hidden for long and the fact that Ludovic Geilich prevailed in one of the biggest event in history is this week’s news. His performance is nothing short of remarkable, because he was the one to outshine 689 players and this made him the second most successful player in the tournament’s history. One week ago another record was broken, as the same event attracted 711 players, a milestone that is very likely to be surpassed in the next few months.

Ludovic GeilichAs for Ludovic and his memorable triumph, the tournament was played at a frantic pace and virtually all Team Online poker professionals suffered an untimely elimination. Caio “Pessagno” Pessagno was by far the most successful of them and he was the only one to make the money, but he collected a tiny amount that left him disgruntled. He finished in 18th place, which is more than what most players would consider triumph, but for a poker Pro this is business as usual.

The final table was particularly intense, with remaining players fighting for a lot of money and Ludovic Geilich made a strong statement from the very beginning. He sat down among the remaining nine with the most chips in front of him and he didn’t hesitate to put the entire weight of his stack behind his actions. Ludovic didn’t make a big case of his victory and accepted the fact that luck was on his side when he needed it most, but it is obvious that his skill and perseverance were the catalyst for victory.

In fact, there are a couple of hands when he started as overwhelming favorite but eventually lost the hand on the final streets. Each time he found the strength to rebound and when four handed play began, he was among the strong contenders. These players chose to discuss the terms of a deal and since all of them accepted, only $6000 were left to play for and the game resumed. Less than an hour later, Geilich was crowned winner of the Super Tuesday event and this is what the last nine players were awarded:

1. Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich – $101,325
2. QcKimo – $90,772
3. Turko_man – $83,350
4. Jeremy “00psiedaisy” Fitzpatrick – $70,429
5. Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger – $36,792
6. fiscardddd – $29,282
7. Anton “antesvante” Wigg – $22,392
8. marcyOG (Germany) $15,502
9. John “bullyon” Buglion – $10,335

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