Jonathan Jaffe wins the Party Poker World Poker Tour Montreal

The most exciting poker tournaments in the world happen in Las Vegas, but outside the US border there are a couple of equally interesting events. Poker players who enjoy the adrenaline rush provided by online gambling and have an account with Party Poker were obviously interested in the tournament hosted by the poker room in Montréal. As they tried to expand their presence to cover land-based casinos as well, the online gambling operators are sponsoring this stop of the world poker tour.Jonathan Jaffe wins the Party Poker World Poker Tour Montreal

Many of the players who participated here were actually people who want satellite or qualifiers online more therefore they didn’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket. At the beginning of 2015, the poker room hosted such a tournament with a total of 730 players participating and bringing the guaranteed prize pool to $430,000. It was a lot of money to be split among those who survived the bubble stage, so it will definitely worth trying to make a deep run in Montréal.

The gracious host of this tournament was the Playground Poker Club in Canada, and in addition to the main event, there were several side competitions. The one won it all is Jonathan Jaffe, a poker player who made a name for himself by making the final table at the WPT Season VII Foxwoods Poker Finals. He is quite familiar with the world poker tour experience and overall he won more than $2 million, with the recent paycheck helping him cross the psychological threshold.

There were several poker professionals who decided to travel to Montréal for a chance to win the first prize and Antonio Esfandiari and Andy Frankenberger were among them. They didn’t win too much though and had to settle for less than $25,000, which is not something to completely justified the voyage and effort. On the other hand, Jonathan was more than happy with his paycheck of more than $400,000, which was awarded to him after he defeated Ratharam Sivagnanam in heads-up.

The runner-up collected almost $300,000 which is a lot of money and is looking forward for the next WPT stop. He didn’t have much of a chance in the final act of the competition, with Jonathan prevailing at the end of 10 hands. All those who made the final table collect an amount seeding $80,000, with the shorthanded placement to be seen below:

1 Jonathan Jaffe $429,106
2 Ratharam Sivagnanam $290,111
3 Mukul Pahuja $186,964
4 Kevin MacPhee $138,278
5 Sam Chartier $103,537
6 Guillaume Nolet $83,658
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