Henrik Tollefsen prevails in Macau Poker Cup High Roller Event

Several major competitions were hosted by Macau casinos over the last couple of weeks and the first to crown its winner was the Macau Poker Cup 21. Most of the 800 participants were Chinese, so it came as no surprise that the winner was also a resident of this country. Zhenru Xie outshined all of his countrymen but also players from Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and other Asian countries, to win more than a quarter of $1 million.

123pokerJust a week apart, poker professionals were invited to participate in a tournament dedicated to those who have both the skills and the money to play at the highest level. The name of the competition was Macau Poker Cup High Roller Event and just as the name suggests, only the wealthiest players could afford the buy-in. Despite the prohibitive entry fee, there was no shortage of interested contenders and once again the prize pool was exceeded by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Among those who sat down at the tables were rich businessmen and aspiring poker players who have more money than skill, but don’t mind playing against better opponents. For a highroller tournament, a first prize of $190,000 is not exactly impressive, but for Henrik Tollefsen from Norway it was definitely the highlight of his career. It wasn’t easy to outshine competitors and the final table was by far the most difficult stage of the competition.

When just four players were left, he was pit against two opponents from Malaysia and one from Macau and surprising enough, it was the latter who made it through heads-up. He had the unconditional support of his fans and a decent stack in front of him, but at the end of the day, the number of chips proved to be more important. The Norwegian was in complete control of the game and push his opponent around, until he finally had no choice but to call.

Henrik Tollefsen won HK $1.465 million, while the other finalists received the amounts listed below:

1 Henrik Tollefsen Norway HK$1,465,000
2 Rono Lo Macau HK$932,000
3 Daniel Chin Malaysia HK$621,000
4 Victor Chong Malaysia HK$488,000
5 Shashank Rathi Hong Kong HK$355,000
6 Quan Zhou China HK$311,000
7 Makoto Yoshimichi Japan HK$267,160


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