Casino bonus

Deposit bonus

casinobonusA deposit bonus is a bonus you get when making a deposit. A deposit bonus is usually proportional to your deposit, e.g. get a 50% deposit bonus up to €100, but there are also fixed deposit bonuses, e.g. make a deposit of at least €100 and get a €20 deposit.

Virtually all online casinos will give you a deposit bonus on your first deposit, and some will extend this offer to your first two, three or four deposits. There are also online casinos that give their new members a deposit bonus on their first deposit every month during their first year as a member. See the best casino bonuses in Europe at to understand how it works and what you actually get when you sign up as a new member at an online casino.

In addition to this, deposit bonuses are a popular way of rewarding current casino members and make them stay. With so many other online casinos promising huge welcome bonuses, casinos can not afford to neglect their current members.

No-deposit bonus

Sometimes casinos hand out bonuses without any deposit requirement, a so called no-deposit bonus or free bonus. The increased competition between online casinos has made it popular to hand out a no-deposit bonus to new members as soon as they sign up. With the no-deposit bonus, a new member can start playing in the casino without first having to make a deposit. This lowers the threshold considerably and make players less reluctant to try out new online casinos.

No-deposit bonuses are normally welcome bonuses for new members, but they can also be handed out during special promotions.

Wager requirement

Most casino bonuses come with a wager requirement. Before this requirement is full filled, you can not withdraw the bonus from your account. In some online casinos, your entire account will be locked until the wager requirement is fulfilled, making it impossible for you to make any withdraws, including cashing out deposited money and winnings.