Beginner Poker

Welcome to our poker site for beginners, where we strive to show everyone that playing winning poker can be as easy as 1,2,3. The top poker players in the world are skilled sportspersons and if you hope to be able to compete with them one day you will need to put a lot of effort into playing poker. We will make no secret of that far from every one has what it takes to become a poker superstar. Becoming a winning player is however a completely different story and becoming a winning player does not have to be very hard. This is due to the large number of players that simply play to have fun and those that simply can not be bothered to put in the effort it takes to become a better player. It does not take a lot of effort to better oneself at the poker table, but just as with most other achievements in life it will require a certain degree of determination. On this site you will be able to find information about basic poker strategies, bankroll management and other fundamental lessons that you need to master to become a winning player. You will also find info on how to pick a suitable poker room, how to evaluate poker bonuses and how to make the most of poker room promotions, free rolls and satellites.

Below we have posted ten basic rules that are very important to know for anyone who wish to become a winning poker player and that we recommend you take to heart.

10 rules for winning at poker

  1. Never play drunk. Some find that they play better poker after a glass or two, but it is never a good idea to actually get drunk.
  2. Never let you emotions govern your game. Poker is a game of smarts, odds and discipline, so if you start listening to your feelings you will lose money.
  3. Never play for higher stakes than your bankroll can afford. Learn more about bankroll management to make sure you do not play at too high levels. This is a common and often tragic beginner mistake.
  4. Never play when you are sick or tired. By only playing when you are alert you will make sure you can bring your A-game.
  5. Do not indiscriminately copy what you see poker players do on TV. Everyday cash games and the last stages of a tournament like WSOP are two very different situations and if you copy last-stage tournament play in a low level cash game you will lose money.
  6. Play the odds. Learn about outs, the odds of hitting those outs and how to calculate pot odds. Once you understand the odds, let them govern you play (with the exceptions of bluffs).
  7. Remember to play your opponents, not just your cards. If you have weak cards but you think your opponent have weak cards as well, bluff and try to get them to fold.
  8. Remember that a dollar that you do not lose is worth just as much as one you win, so do not waste your money. Your chips are your soldiers and should only be sent out in the field when they have a good chance of coming back home victorious.
  9. Never stop reading and learning. There is always more to learn and it is always possible to become a better player. You should therefore always strive to read more books, watch more poker, discuss more poker and play more poker to learn more. There are good sites about poker out there, e.g.
  10. Vary your game. If you always do the same thing in the same situation you will become easy to read for your opponents and it will become harder for you to win.

Bonus tip: Enjoy the game. It is very easy for poker to become nothing but a grind when you start playing to win. Try to mix things up to keep it fun and interesting. It’s wise for beginners to start with video poker at an online casino before you go for the real deal and start to compete with real players. Visit to see popular casinos with videpoker. There you can also get a nice bonus that gives you a good start.